Increased revenue and sales due to a fresh approach to the cliche ramadan campaign

Our Role
A customer alignment survey revealed the directly conflicting point of view on how Ramadan representation is preserved in different countries around the globe, impacting customer decision-making when purchasing a Ramadan-themed chocolate gift box.
 Introducing the Ramadan theme in a new modern way that is festive and attractive simultaneously as we focus on presenting the deeper spiritual meaning of the month in a unique abstract design rather than the cliche.
Increased customer satisfaction and sales revenue by not only targeting people interested in the Holy month but also anyone interested in gifting.
Client Satisfaction
2021; Godiva Ramadan Campaign (Saudi Arabia, Gulf Region, and Turkey)
2022; Godiva Ramadan Campaign (Saudi Arabia, Gulf Region, Turkey, and Asia)
2023; Godiva Ramadan Campaign (Saudi Arabia, Gulf Region, Turkey, Asia, and Europe)
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