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Dalia Alamoudi is Speech-language pathologist who is evaluating, diagnosing, and treating small age group with speech delays and disorders. Her mission is simple – to create an online platform with tools to educate her patients and their families on communication techniques, and strategies to overcome speech/language barriers.

Dalia believes that speech and language programs for her patients don't stop at the clinic. Patient and their parent can still do things to fulfill their time and improving their language skills by following her online customized plan and strategies at any time and from anywhere.

We were so excited when Dalia approached us to work on this project because we both believed that learning program shouldn't be limited to a specific physical location!

We decided to keep the branding very clean and professional, but still fun through pops of color and bold fonts.

  • Brand Development 

  • Logo Identity

  • Business Card Design

  • Branding Element Design

  • Social Media Template Design

  • Digital AD Design

  • Brand Guide Design

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